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Alpha Lambda's Amazing Philanthropy Chair

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   No child should die in the dawn of life. No family ever receives a bill. We won’t stop until no child dies from cancer. These are things that St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital believes in to the fullest. These are also mantras that Delta Delta Delta supports with its philanthropic efforts. In 1999, Tri Delta Panhellenic sorority partnered with St. Jude as their official philanthropy. Since then, over 55 million dollars has been raised by Tri Delta chapters across the nation through charity events such as 5K Walk/Runs, donations, and fundraising campaigns. Each dollar donated goes towards cancer
treatment, care during remission and research.
    At St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a child receives exemplary care as well as housing for their families, and they never have to pay a penny. Since its founding in 1962, St. Jude has helped to increase the childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to 80%, accrediting much of this success to treatments discovered at the research hospital within the last five years. Delta Delta Delta began its support of St. Jude decades ago prior to making their partnership official in 1999. Additionally, Delta Delta Delta has set a goal of raising 60 million in ten years to go towards the dream of eradicating childhood cancer. To date, the sorority has raised $55 million. Being a part of this organization and contributing to the cause is something every Delta Delta Delta member cherishes. Senior member Nicole McGlinchy says, “Being able to share such a strong passion for St. Jude with 400 other girls is something you can’t begin to describe and I am so thankful to be a part of the endless amount of miracles that St. Jude has given to numerous families.”

   Philanthropy Chair at the University of South Carolina Alpha Lambda Chapter, Madison Hoover, dedicates numerous hours to ensure the continued success of St. Jude. As philanthropy chair, Madison is responsible for the philanthropic efforts of the chapter’s 382 active members. She corresponds with St. Jude representatives to plan events and raise awareness. USC’s most popular St. Jude event is the Delta Delta Delta Gameday in which members sell tickets for the event and all proceeds go to St. Jude. Sponsors and donors contribute food, entertainment and raffle items for the day of the event. Attendees enjoy an afternoon of socializing while SEC football games are broadcasted on screens for viewing. Families and former patients of St. Jude come to the event and speak to the attendees about what the research hospital means to them and how fundraising and public support helps them along their survival journey. These personal statements have a profound impact on the attendees and current members of Delta Delta Delta. Junior member Grace Perry, says being a part of something bigger than herself has changed her outlook on life and motivated her to support always be a St. Jude supporter. The chapter takes one to two trips annually to visit the research center in Memphis, Tennessee where there is a wing dedicated to and donated by Delta Delta Delta. There, members of the chapter have the opportunity to meet and interact with patients, tour the facilities and see first hand what their time and money is supporting.

Members enjoying Tri Delta Game Day 2017


        As philanthropy chair, Madison organizes and executes these events and looks forward to continual improvement with St. Jude saying, “I hope the partnership continues to grow and that the amount raised each year continues to grow as well.” Within Delta Delta Delta, each position is slated, meaning that candidates are nominated by their peers and a pro-con list is established by the members to evaluate their capabilities of holding each position. Madison was nominated to be philanthropy chair and said she was so surprised and honored that she started to cry when she was successfully slated and inducted. Madison says, “The most rewarding part of being philanthropy chair is absolutely raising money for the hospital. Being philanthropy chair is very time consuming but at the end of the day, putting on the events that raise $100,000 annually for the hospital makes it all worth it. It’s also very rewarding to visit the hospital because you get to see where the money that we raise is going first hand, rather than just through videos and pictures.” Her favorite part of visiting the hospital was getting to see the amazing space that Delta Delta Delta is able to provide to the families. “It truly is a state of the art facility; everything is very nice and new. The patients and their families only deserve the absolute best with what they are going through. It’s amazing that Delta Delta Delta can provide them a five-star place to lay their head at night” said Hoover. When asked about the personal impact of the visit Madison said, “For me going to St. Jude has put everything in to perspective. It’s a very humbling experience. Each time I’ve gone, I also feel an immense pride in being a Delta Delta Delta member too.” This position requires numerous hours of commitment which Madison notes as being the most surprising and hardest part of the job saying, “I really don’t think I’ve ever invested so much time into something, so it was a big change to have that position and be a full-time student as well.”

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital located in Memphis, Tennessee
   Looking towards the future Madison, as well as members of the Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Delta Delta, feel that the St. Jude relationship will be long lasting and fruitful. In just 3 years the organization as a whole has raised $27 million. Delta Delta Delta fully appreciates and recognizes the countless hours of dedication that Madison and all philanthropy chairs dedicate to the continuing partnership with St. Jude. The cure for childhood cancer is something that all Delta Delta Delta members wish for. This dream is what drives the determination of all chapters across the nation to bond together in an attempt to raise awareness and funding.

 The Alpha Lambda chapter of Delta Delta Delta would like to personally thank all donors and contributors to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital cause. Each and every dollar donated helps a child and their family in their time of need by providing treatment and housing, giving them piece of mind and allowing them to focus on the needs and care of those affected by childhood cancer. When asked what Madison would want the public to know about Delta Delta Delta and St. Jude she joyfully commented, “I would want them to know that you won’t meet a Tri Delta who does not have a special place in their heart for St Jude. After three years, I can confidentially say that St Jude will always be very important to me and that I will absolutely be a life time donor!”

       If you feel compelled to do so, here is a link to donate to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in our chapter’s name:  St. Jude Donations

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