Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Love Your Body Week

With Spring Break coming up next week, girls start to worry and become self- conscious about their bodies. Since Tri Delta is involved with a Body Image 3D program, this is the perfect time to have a “Love Your Body Week” for the whole chapter! The purpose of this week is to teach the members to love their bodies while also being healthy along side of our sisters. 
The chefs helped out with making an awesome menu for this week featuring multiple super healthy meals. Some of the favorites have been the grilled chicken kabobs and greek salad, the salmon, and the avocado toast. 
Open Chapter Monday night also went along with the “Love Your Body Week” theme. It started off with an activity where three girls from each pledge class were asked to stand in front of a blank white poster while closing their eyes. The other members of the chapter wrote nice things about them around where they were standing. After 15 minutes, the girls standing around the posters were asked to turn around and look at the nice things their sisters wrote about them. It was a cute and positive way to kick off chapter! 

After the activity, Larsyn Cross, a nutrition and body wellness expert, spoke to the chapter about loving your body. She told her story about how she had to learn to love herself after getting skin cancer when she was only a junior in college. She learned to except her scars from the surgery and decided to embrace her uniqueness because it is what set her apart from other people. She emphasized that we must embrace our bodies because we are each fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Her six tips on how to stay body positive in college are:
1.      Wear what you want to wear (not what you think you are supposed to wear).
2.      Don’t delete “ugly” pictures of yourself and say affirmations in the mirror daily. 
3.      Create meaningful relationships
4.      Stop comparing (comparison is the thief of joy)
5.      Feed your mind and soul
6.      Do it for yourself and no one else 
a.       Eat healthy foods (learn to cook), drink water, exercise daily and get adequate sleep
Larsyn’s talk was amazing and was a great way to start off the week. She left everyone feeling more confident and with some great tips on how to love your body!
On Tuesday and Thursday, there are a social media challenges for Love Your Body Week. Members are posting pictures on Instagram to show why and how they love their bodies using the hashtags #lΔΔΔveyourbody and #bodyimage3d. 
On Wednesday, there is an activity from 6-8pm at the Tri Delta house where girls are drawing body positive quotes and sayings on posters and sticky notes. Members are hanging them around the Tri Delta house and campus to spread the message of loving your body!
We have really enjoyed our "Love Your Body Week" and look forward to always staying body positive and loving ourselves. Thanks to Kendall, our Body Image Coordinator for planning such an uplifting and fun week! 

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