Monday, October 24, 2016

A Letter to All Pi Chi Applicants

It's that time of year again... Pi Chi Applications for Recruitment 2017 have officially been released. We asked one of our senior members Juliet Wilson to share a letter detailing her Pi Chi experience. Juliet was a Pi Chi for Recruitment 2015 and went on to serve as Head Pi Chi for Recruitment 2016. She describes her time "Pi Chi'ing" as one of the most rewarding experiences she has had at U of SC. After reading Juliet's words of wisdom, I promise you will want to apply to be a Pi Chi.

Dear Pi Chi Applicants, 


There is no better way to describe my time as a Pi Chi and Head Pi Chi then those three words. Motivated, dedicated and most importantly, fun. 

If you would have told me when I was selected to be a Pi Chi my sophomore year that I would spend the next two years of my college career dedicated to the Panhellenic Community I would have laughed. I applied to be a Pi Chi because I thought it would be fun... never in a million years did I think it would turn into my defining college experience. As a Pi Chi I was able to not only meet and become friends with women from each chapter on USC’s campus but I was given the opportunity to foster relationships with other Tri Deltas who were also Pi Chis. During Recruitment, my Pi Chi partner and I were graced with 20 PNMs (#18forever) who gave me more then I could have ever given them.They not only equipped me with a heart to lead but they gave me confidence in myself I had never experienced. 

The confidence, fun and leadership the PNMs of Group 18 instilled in me continued into the next year when I was selected as the Head Pi Chi. My group of 20 PNMs had suddenly turned into 132 Pi Chis sitting in front of me ready to be trained every Tuesday night. It was terrifying but in the best way. My time as Head Pi Chi was without a doubt the most challenging period of my college career, but like with every challenge came a great reward. Every week I was able to stand in front of a group of women who were literally the coolest people I’ve ever met and share the excitement I have for everything Recruitment.  I quickly learned what it means to confidently be myself no matter the audience. I was given a once in a lifetime opportunity to foster and encourage leadership among 132 of the most dedicated and motivated leaders at USC who in turn did the exact same thing for me.

I credit so much of myself to the Panhellenic Community of USC. Serving the greek community as a whole is a constant reminder of what it truly means to be a member of something bigger than myself. I got to experience running home on Bid Day three different times. With each time I fell more in love with the unifying individuality of each of the chapters at USC and most importantly I fell in love with Tri Delta all over again. 

Motivated, dedicated and so much fun. The two years I spent "Pi Chi’ing" changed my life. So, find something you love, make other people love it and you’ll never be the same! 

“The glory of life if to give, not to be given; to love, not to be loved; to serve, no to be served.” - Sarah Ida Shaw


Juliet Wilson 
Former Head Pi Chi

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